What To Do If You Can't Open Offline OST File?

Outlook when used in synchronization with Exchange Server deploys OST files as its default database. This OST file allows the users to work in an offline mode in Outlook. Either the user may desire to work in an offline mode or it can happen that there is no internet connection available. When the connection is resumed, the OST file synchronizes with Exchange Serve and all the changes made in the OST file are reflected in Outlook.

Many a times, it happens that the Microsoft Outlook OST file cannot be opened when the users try to access it. This may happen when the OST file is corrupted or damaged. The damage or corruption of OST file may be a result of many issues that are discussed in the next section.

Reasons Leading To Inaccessibility Of OST File

There can be many reasons due to which an OST file can get inaccessible. Some of the most common reasons are:

How To Repair Corrupt OST Files Manually?

In order to sort the problem when the users can't open offline OST file, there exists a manual method. Microsoft provides an inbuilt tool named as Scanost.exe at the time of Outlook installation. This tool repairs the corrupt OST file and enables the user to open the concerned OST file.

However, the availability of this utility was ceased from Outlook version 2010. Therefore, the users working with Outlook version 2010 and above cannot deploy this utility for repairing the OST file. Therefore, in order to repair OST file belonging to Outlook 2010 and later versions, another utility Scanost.exe can be used.

Another limitation, which exists with this tool, is that it removes the corrupted sections of the OST file in order to repair it. Therefore, leading to some data loss from the OST file.

Alternative Solution For Recovery of Exchange OST Data

Since the manual solution does not serve to be an ideal solution for opening corrupted or damaged OST file, deployment of third part tools like OST Recovery becomes necessary. The software facilitates the recovery of data from corrupted OST files and saves them in a healthy PST file. It recovers the entire data belonging to OST file like emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. Once saved in a new PST file, the user can import the data in Outlook and view it without any issue.

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